Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our need to create

It is incredible to watch the changes in students work as they progress. Not because of the new techniques or dexterity with the paintbrush, necessarily. It is so much more about confidence and the power that comes from finding and releasing what it is that brings you life! The longer I teach, the more obvious this becomes that this thing that I teach is less about painting and more about therapy, more about allowing people to get in touch with something they know is there, but have lost or haven't ever quite found yet. When they find it- when the moment happens and they "see" for the first time- it is nothing less than a little miracle.  Whether it's "seeing" for the first time what they have to say, or "seeing" a tree for more than the sum of it's parts, this new vision transforms the way they create because it transforms the way they think about creating. They finally know why they're taking art lessons! They never truly understand this until that "aha" moment when their need for and love for art clarifies and it becomes something they do for themselves, not anyone else.
Try creating something today, whether it's a song or a drawing or something out of play dough with your kids. It doesn't matter what it is. It doesn't matter if you color inside the lines. It matters that you are creating, because when you are creating, you are being alive and experiencing life through your eyes, through your perceptions, and through your heart and soul. You owe it to yourself to be an artist today and you owe it to yourself to care less what anyone else but you thinks about it!  Here is a little piece on my students and some examples of their intuitive, one of a kind ,art.

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